Hi, My name is Megan Peters-Febuary, Founder of Cedar & Soul. I created Cedar & Soul as a yoga brand that focuses on healing, trauma recovery, health advocacy, and faith-filled yoga practice. More than anything, I desire people to be whole. The stress in our lives can cause us to feel in pieces, but through trauma education, holistic healing, yoga therapy, and moving prayer, we can begin to tap into our whole selves. 

I believe our bodies are story tellers holding the words we can't say. When we move and breathe, we hold space for these repressed stories to be heard and healed.



I first came to the yoga mat during a time of intense depression and anxiety. I was recovering from sexual assault and childhood abuse that I was just beginning to name. I found through my own journey of movement, prayer, and holistic healing that trauma recovery was available for those broken seeking wholeness: mind, body, and spirit. 



"The wound is where the light enters you."- Rumi

A 500 hour Yoga Teacher, Trauma Educator, and health advocate, I created Cedar & Soul as a brand that focuses on mind, body, soul healing. My class styles are varied with trauma sensitive classes for survivors, Holy Nola Yoga for those weaving faith into movement, Strala Yoga that syncs movement with breath in a easy going and natural way, and Buti Yoga, a mixture of power yoga, tribal dance, and cardio movement for an empowering flow. The focus is always the same in each class I teach: safety, space, and empowerment.


You are worthy of love and belonging. You are created for radical acceptance. You are a storyteller with your life, your body, and your spirit.

My journey with yoga has taught me many things, but the key thing is that we are always learning and growing, that perfection is stumbling block and process is bravery. My classes will guide you into emotional bravery, authentic relationship with yourself and others, and a healing space for mind, body, and spirit. Namaste and amen.