Restorative Yoga for Anger

By. Megan Febuary

If you've experienced change then you've experienced loss. There's really no getting around it. Change is traumatizing. It doesn't even matter what kind it is: good, bad, or unpredictable. Whether that change is a new job, an illness, a divorce, a move, a marriage. These are obviously all very different experiences, but the one thing they do all have in common is that you lose something. And what happens when you lose something? You get angry.

Now, you're probably like wait.. what kind of loss is involved in a marriage, a new job, or a move? I'll be real, when I got married it was equally the best thing in my life and the most painful. I was gaining the most intimate friendship with my best friend, but I was also losing an autonomy and self- protective space I'd spent my whole life constructing. I had to move through a grieving process that was unexpected, same goes for this recent move cross country.

So why does change make us angry? Are you familiar with the five stages of grief? Denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and  acceptance. This process is a difficult one to be sure, but one the hardest parts for me is the anger stage.  I'll be real, I've been working through this one for a while, and it's been REAL uncomfortable. I am not interested in shoving the feelings down though or losing myself to the tantrums, so to stay balanced I've found some yoga practices and oils that have really helped support me through this time. I hope they can bless you too. 

Below I have a restorative yoga practice that is meant to still your mind, listen to your heart, and calm the craze inside. I use valerian oil in this practice and when I'm feeling heated because it works as a natural sedative. Not to be alarmed, but this oil will seriously chill you the f out, so don't go making any crazy plans after you use it. :)

In this video, I speak about the benefits of this oil and how to use it for the first 2 minutes of this video, the next 20 minutes are a restorative practice for anger. So, wherever you're at, take some time to close your mind and leave room for God to meet you were you are, not where you should be. 

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