Stay Calm and Oil On in Transition

Change is hard, am I right? It can bring up feelings of rootlessness, displacement, a sense of discontent. It's good to have solid self-care tips to keep your grounded in the midst of so much change. I wanted to share some essential oil tips and tricks for the season to help you feel good through the holidays! After all, we all need a little help from our oily friends! 

For those of you in transition. These are my favorite oils to help you feel rooted. Grounding oil, Vetiver oil, Cedarwood Oil, and Idaho Balsam Fir. All of these oils are emotionally balancing and help root you: body, mind, and spirit. Each of these is great to rub on the bottom of your feet, and behind your ears. Take a moment to cup your hands and breathe them in for a solid 6 breaths. The perk? They're all super affordable! 

Let's break them down, shall we? I call these oils my transition oils because they are perfect for times of uncertainty and change. These oils are significant because they offer the lifeblood of the tree. Trees are the symbol of transformation, freedom, and spiritual pilgrimage. The roots go deep representing our deepest depths, the branches reach high representing our desire for growth. When we absorb and inhale these oils, we deepen our foundations and feel solid ground where there hasn't been. 

Grounding oil- This oil is a bit different then the others we will feature because it's a blend. This sweet, earthy scent is my go to in my gentle yoga flow. It is made up of white fir, spruce, ylang ylang, pine, cedarwood, angelica, and juniper. Put a few drops of the bottom of each foot. Take a few moments to stand tall, rooting through the four corners of your feet. Open your arms wide and feel the expansiveness as you root down and rise up. Envision your hope here. 

Vetiver oil- Oh man, I love this oil. It's texture is thick and waxy like it was literally just taken from the sap of a tree. The deep smoky smell of this oil is wonderful for worry, stress, and helps sedate that busy mind. Put a few drops behind each ear and on the bottom of your feet. Breathe in the bottle for a few deep breaths as well. 

Cedarwood oil- My husband, Landon, was a total essential oils skeptic, but now has his oils that he can't live without. One of them is cedarwood oil. He works a high energy job and is a bit of an insomniac. This oils works as a natural sedative helping calm his body and mind. Plus it makes him smell fabulous, so that's a plus :) Put a few drops on your shoulders, feet, and your hair. Yes, this oil helps support hair growth! Double win!

Idaho Balsam Fir- This has become one of my favorite oils to use on the subway. Anyone that lives in NYC can attest to how stressful those rush hour trips can be! I put a few drops on my shoulders to relax those tense muscles and also on my wrists. Cupping my hands over my nose, I breathe deeply for a few breaths. It gives a real sense of spaciousness and solidity amidst chaos. 

I hope this is helpful and that you can begin to find peace and calming in transition and seasonal change. If you'd like to order oils, check out my essential oils page or shoot me a message with any questions you have! Namaste. 

Megan FebuaryComment