God Is In The Seaweed

By Megan Febuary

God is in the seaweed. Those are the words I heard on the beach that summer as my toes dipped into the slimy waves. It had been the summer of discontent. I was exhausted, alone, and bored. After one hell of a year, a horrible break-up, the end of a shit non-profit job, and a desperate move in with the parents; I was exhausted, alone, and bored. I dipped my feet further into the mucky water, feeling the past year like the weight of wet sand pulling me in. 

This time of isolation and disruption had me needing God. The past three years I had been drinking polluted water from a nearly empty well. Jesus’ words, “come to me all who are thirsty” had a new meaning for me now, I begin lapping from his hands, chugging prayer and scripture like there was no tomorrow. 

 As I sat with Jesus on the beach, pink sunburned thighs and hands. I watched all the seaweed that had piled up on the white sand, red tangled ocean debris that made the ocean look like blood. Each wave brought more seaweed to the shore, and piled up like garbage. The past has a way of rising to the surface, interrupting our present, so that we may move on to our future. [tweet this]

My junk was rising; it was bulky, smelled bad, and made people scurry off to a prettier beach; but he was cleaning out the murky parts of my life, and purifying the waters of my heart. What the ocean was spitting up from the seafloor was what Jesus was scraping up from the locked cellars of my life [tweet this]; violence, doubt, rejection, false hope, disappointment, and depression. He was showing me that he was pulling up the old dead seaweed of my life, making space for clean, clear water. In John 7: 37-38, Jesus spoke to a burnt out crowd:

"If anyone thirsts, let him come to me and drink. He who believes in me, as the scripture has said, out of his heart will flow rivers of living water." -John 7:37-38

God is in the seaweed. He is in the dampest, darkest, and most repulsive avenues of our lives. [tweet this] He is not turned off by our anger, or infuriated by our seclusion. God meets us at whatever side of the beach we find ourselves with cups full of living water for the thirsty soul.


Recall a time where you needed God.

Were you thirsty? Are you now?

Where are the surprising places God has met you?