Wake Up Your Passion: Malasana Pose

By. Megan Febuary

Malasana is my go to pose when I'm feeling emotionally or creatively blocked. This is a posture of vulnerably. It says, "I am worthy of connection, love, and intimacy. I am strong and I am gentle." If you're anything like me, you know how difficult it is let feelings in, process the hard emotions, and not run away in a whim. 

The reason I came to yoga in the first place is to find emotional healing and to find God again. I began to open up in ways I didn't know were possible as my heart softened and grew less calloused by resentment. Yoga opens your body, it calls forth risk, kindness, and intentional BE-ing. (tweet this) It says, "stay. You are worthy of connection, love, and intimacy. You are strong and you are gentle." When we take moments to pause in postures and breathe through the tight places, we find there is more room for all the feelings then we realized. (tweet this)

This pose, Malasana, awakens the Sacral Chakra, Svadhisthana. This chakra is the home to our emotional center, our creativity, our core passions, and desires. When this chakra is blocked, then we may feel cut off from our emotions, numb, or deeply insecure. We may feel creatively stuck and self-contemptuous with our process. If our sacral chakra is balanced, we are able to know connection, intimacy, and feel pleasure. 

Take a moment a try this pose out:

Come to a seat with legs long in front of you. Sit up tall.

With feet a little wider then hip width distance, bend your knees.

Lean forward and lift your seat in a low squat. Let your knees open wide.

Press your palms in prayer at your heart. Option to lift up into a strengthening squat.

Wherever you are, lengthen your spine, breathe into your hips, and BE.

Take 5 minutes here. Break as needed. Feel all that comes up and let it pass by with gratitude.